Chickpea patties with Möhren, and Feta

I'm an absolute chick peas-late zünderin. For a very long time I knew what to do with the a young, healthy beads, they have a funny name 😉 . My husband has always reminded me, once again, to you and asked me to make something out of it.

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In the Oriental cuisine, chickpeas are often found in cream form or as a porridge – well, if you pay attention to it 😉 . For me, that was the impetus for my chickpea patties with carrots and Feta. Because nutty chickpeas, sweet carrots, and a delicious Feta, paired with nutritious eggs, I make a delicious combination for vegetarian patties are found.

Die Zutaten sind ein echtes Superfood -


Chickpeas go very well as patties and are a nice Alternative, if it is to be at home in time meatless and I have no desire for classic vegetable patties with Zucchini and the like.

Kichererbsen Bratlinge mit Möhren und Feta -


Chickpeas are not only very tasty but also insanely nutritious. As 😉 really giggle what to . You have a very high fiber content and high in protein, even more than in some of the meat. A high proportion of calcium and vitamins comes. The little nutty balls have it so really, you can hardly believe it. So it's no surprise that the chickpeas are also among the Superfoods. My chickpea patties a Superfood? Good to know 😉 .

"Man is what he eats" (Ludwig Feuerbach)

Kichererbsen Bratlinge mit Möhren und Feta -

Chickpeas are in our family for a very long time from the food you eat everyday indispensable – also, because she's so great in a stock. To fit the chickpea Patties mixed by the way, great green salad, and yogurt with fresh herbs or nature. In addition, they are cold also very tasty, so you can take very good still the next day to the office. Because they are real sick and tired of creators you will not need a lot.

Another simple chickpea recipe is my Power salad with Quinoa and chickpeas. A delicious Alternative to my Patties are my Zucchini carrots buffer – the delicious vegetable buffer.

Das Superfood aus der Pfanne -

Chickpea patties with carrots and Feta

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TOTAL TIME40 minutes



  • 1 can of chickpeas - 310g Total filling weight, 265g drained weight
  • 2 carrots, medium size - peeled and coarsely grated
  • 20 g fresh parsley leaves, chopped - Alternatively coriander
  • 150 g Feta cheese - shredded
  • 2 eggs - size M, whisked
  • 50 g flour
  • 1 TSP baking powder
  • 1 TSP salt - more to taste
  • 1/4 TSP pepper - more to taste
  • Vegetable oil for Frying - for example, rapeseed oil or olive oil


  • First You give the chickpeas in a strainer, rinsing them off and letting them drain.
    Chickpea patties with Möhren, and Feta
  • After the chickpeas with a hand blender or in a blender to a mash puree.
    Chickpea patties with Möhren, and Feta
  • The carrots, peel and grate. I usually take my vegetable cutter to it, it's faster.
    Chickpea patties with Möhren, and Feta
  • The parsley or alternatively, the cilantro wash, dry and chop. The Feta is also crushing.
    Chickpea patties with Möhren, and Feta
  • Now vermengst You the carrots, the parsley (or coriander) and Feta cheese with the mashed chickpeas.
    Chickpea patties with Möhren, and Feta
  • After You touch the eggs, the flour, the baking powder, salt and pepper under.
    Chickpea patties with Möhren, and Feta
  • Then in a nonstick pan about 1 cm high Pflanzenöl at medium level heat and tablespoon amounts of Batter into the.
    Chickpea patties with Möhren, and Feta
  • The patties 2-3 minutes on each side fry. If necessary the Oil in the pan.
    Chickpea patties with Möhren, and Feta
  • The patties You put on a plate laid with kitchen paper, then the Oil is sucked something up. I wish You a good appetite!
    Chickpea patties with Möhren, and Feta


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Chickpea patties with Möhren, and Feta