Lemon ice cream easy homemade

[Contains advertising] are you missing me, my Granny. Meanwhile, there are already almost one and a half years that she has left this world and also me. Fortunately, they had reached a proud, very high age, because she was for me after the early death of my mom more and more. Also to my education, she had been involved where it was, and yours was based on me wisdom, give life to the way.

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Words to live by, the evil tongues would even call calendar sayings, but to me they have always given orientation in life. A kind of balance for me. She said things like, for example "pride comes before the fall", "honesty is the best policy" but also "sour makes funny".

"If life gives a lemon, make lemon ice cream out of it"

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As a pastry chef you had to do, especially in their active period with much of the lemon and no one was able to curl the face so beautiful and forgiven as if you had a sour lemon taste in the mouth. The love for lemon as an ingredient, it has inherited to me and I my son and husband. His favorite ice cream is lemon ice cream, for example, and then, nothing comes once in a long time.

As my Partner ALDI SÜD has thrown the issue of "Hot on ice" in the Blogger Challenge round, was for me, therefore, immediately clear, I am developing a lemon ice cream. Of which you can prepare without an ice cream maker and really lemony tastes and refreshed.

Zitroneneis ganz einfach selbstgemacht - www.emmikochteinfach.de


I've set the mass only with yogurt, but the crystallized me personally a lot of Freezing. Say the old cream had to serve for my lemon ice cream. As a taste, the wearer is simply unbeatable, and who wants to count when the ice in calories? Also had done with the cream, the thing with the crystals.

How intense the citrus is to be based, You can control with my lemon ice cream is very good even through the use of the lemon abrasion of the ice. Just something more or less abrasion use or omit. Don't forget: sour 🙂 makes it funny .

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By the way, You can fill my lemon ice cream mass in any container. For example, in ice Lolly Moulds, ice cream sundae made out of cardboard, small Plastic tasting glass), genuine glass unless they are frozen, silicone muffin cups or silicone ice cube trays baby food (. Where it fits, fitted bars with a wood. If You are using chopsticks in a wood, then after about 1 hour cooling time in the ice plug, if it is already frozen something. For all Cases the following applies, You get the solidified mass of ice, if desired, simply be out of shape, if You think this briefly under warm water. In the case of silicone, You don't have to do that, as the ice dissolves wonderfully by itself.

Zitroneneis ganz einfach selbstgemacht - www.emmikochteinfach.de

My colleagues from the ALDI SÜD Blogger Challenge in August, have also created wonderfully refreshing ice-cream treats. Have a look at them: Foodistas, Sandra's cooking blog, Julie feels good, Small, culinary, Tasty, fun, Cook and bake with Andrea, and Delicious and co.

If You are more keen on ice cream, did I have another very simple variant of ice cream to make my vanilla ice cream without an ice cream maker with only 3 ingredients.


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Lemon ice cream - very simple self-made

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TOTAL TIME30 minutes
SERVINGS5 servings




    • 2-3 organic lemons, 100 ml of juice are needed - according to the desire of 1 lemon wear use
    • 75 g sugar
    • 200 g cream


    • As the first presses You from all of the lemons 100 ml of juice from.
      TIP: If You it is very lemony like, You can still of 1 lemon and grate the zest and later with the cream, stir.
      Lemon ice cream easy homemade
    • Then pour the lemon juice in a pot, give the sugar to everything under Stirring, bring to a boil and then 5 minutes on a small stage to a simmer.
      Lemon ice cream easy homemade
    • After You make the lemon syrup in a bowl to cool completely.
      Lemon ice cream easy homemade
    • Now the cream stiff, beat , and under the lemon syrup lift.
      Lemon ice cream easy homemade
    • The mass of ice in Your chosen container fill and make sure that up about 3-5 mm of space. Can extend the mass in a fixed.
      Lemon ice cream easy homemade
    • Into the freezer to give some cover, and at least for 3 hours to freeze.
      Lemon ice cream easy homemade


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    Lemon ice cream easy homemade