Quick and easy Quarkbrötchen

Together with my dear aunt, who to me is more of a big sister, I'm in the family for the care of our family grave responsibility. It is located in the small village in the South of Germany where my grandparents lived. Like any other cemetery, too, is it ticking in a very quiet place where the watch is somehow slower.

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We both enjoy this beautiful, intense and sometimes silent work. We use it but mostly to chat about God and the world, the family and our lives. About what is what, but also what once was. There we are with our loved ones very close and we often talk about you. So how about my grandpa, the master Baker. His craft is very loved, and every day the municipality and some of the drum around with fresh bread and more fed.

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How often I think how nice it would be if he was still alive and I had him as a counselor at my side. Just when I to recipes like quick and easy curd rolls tinkering, I would advise myself to be happy with him about it and replace it.

Einfache und schnelle Quarkbrötchen - www.emmikochteinfach.de


It's been a long time goal to have a turbo quick bread variant in the Repertoire, you can bake for a quick Breakfast or Brunch. Or when guests come to dinner or have a barbecue. Because the scent of homemade curd bun is simply unbeatable. Even in times where everything and everywhere is available. But self-made is self-made.

Einfache und schnelle Quarkbrötchen - www.emmikochteinfach.de


The cheese bread can also be wonderful served as a replacement for Chiabatta or Baguette. I, for example, you love to dip as an Appetizer with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and sea salt. So how do you get it often in the Italian Restaurant in front of the food served. Freshly cooked and lukewarm, the taste, the curd rolls the best, but you can bake quiet a couple of hours before Serving.

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For Breakfast or Brunch, fit in addition to my self-made curd rolls are also very good my savory Mini cream cheese croissants with cheese and ham.


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Quick and easy curd rolls

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TOTAL TIME30 minutes


  • 250 g low fat curd cheese - no food preparation products, in which other ingredients, such as yogurt are included. Only the pure quark
  • 250 g wheat flour, Type 550 - Alternative spelt flour Type 630
  • 1 Egg, Size M
  • 1 Pinch Of Sugar
  • 1 TSP salt
  • 4 g of baking soda (= 1 tbsp. approx.) - Alternatively, baking powder 6g (=1 1/2 TSP approx.)


  • As the first heats the oven to 180 degrees, convection on.
  • Then You give the Quark, the Egg, a good pinch of sugar and 1 TSP salt in a bowl and verrührst everything with a spoon.
    Quick and easy Quarkbrötchen
  • In connection vermengst You in a separate bowl, mix the flour with the bicarbonate of soda.
    Note: baking soda is a tried and tested, over a hundred years old house means, that you also very good as a leavening agent, use can. In England and the United States, it is also known as Baking Soda is known and popular. A prerequisite for the use of it is however of acid processed in the dough, such as cottage cheese, yogurt or buttermilk, only then can of soda to "work". The advantage to baking powder, it will take the dough to taste again some of the acid even if you like the taste of baking powder. You can use instead of baking soda baking soda, but not Vice versa unless You add acid to it.
    Quick and easy Quarkbrötchen
  • Then You can add the flour mixture all at once to the quark mass and cover with the dough hook of the hand mixer or the kitchen machine to a smooth dough mix.
    Quick and easy Quarkbrötchen
  • The slightly sticky dough onto a floured work surface to give a short in it and a ball forms.
    Quick and easy Quarkbrötchen
  • Now are You rolling the dough with a rolling pin to a square of 24x24 cm from.
    Quick and easy Quarkbrötchen
  • The dough square on a baking paper - lined baking sheet and press gently with a back of a knife 3 vertical and 3 horizontal lines in the dough. As a result, 16 rolls.
    Quick and easy Quarkbrötchen
  • In the hot oven on the middle rack for 15 minutes to bake. The curd rolls before Serving, let it cool down. The best taste you lukewarm. But you can also use a couple of hours before Serving, prepare. I wish You a good appetite.
    Quick and easy Quarkbrötchen


Have You tried the recipe once? What do You think of it? I am always happy to praise, friendly criticism, or Your tips and experiences. Let us via the below comments function in exchange to stay. That would make me very happy.
Quick and easy Quarkbrötchen